Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Spoke Too Soon

Did I say it took 90 minutes to get Skype running on Lisa's computer? Let's make that more like 120 minutes. The version we installed that was supposed to make it stop asking for an update that it would then refuse to install did that, and after a reboot the computer's sound came back. However, Lisa discovered that it also wouldn't work for voice communication, which is of course the main point of having the program! More uninstall/reinstalls and we got a version running that (a) works as a voice communications program and (b) doesn't disable all of the other sounds on the computer. Unfortunately, it continues to ask you to update it every time it starts, and saying yes is pointless because it refuses to actually do the download. But otherwise, the program works.
Tags: computers, lisa
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