Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Blizzard of 2017

A year and a day ago, we had an early-spring snowstorm here in Fernley that dropped around 15 cm of snow but was gone by the end of the day. Today, for a while it looked like the weather was going to try and do last March one better.

Spring Snowstorm 2017

Rain was in the forecast, along with wind warnings. But not snow. However, snow we got, off and on all day, alternating with sleet and rain at times.

Spring Snowstorm 2017

I took some short video of the wind-driven snow. Standing on the front porch is not too bad because it was in the lee of the wind, but if you stepped out of the wind shadow, you got pelted with mixed snow and sleet.

Spring Snowstorm 2017 Aftermath

Bands of rain/snow/sleet alternated with periods of sun. Virtually nothing accumulated, but you may be able to see in the distance in this photo snow on the hilltops. Those hills to the north haven't had snow on them for at least a month or more, unlike the Virginia-Pah Rah range to the west, which has retained some snow even when it started warming up.

I restarted the fireplace, and in the process discovered that I'd not completely covered the firelogs on the porch. The firelogs are very efficient, but you cannot let them get wet or they will start to dissolve. Fortunately, not much water had gotten at them when I rescued them and put them to their proper use of heating the house. Also fortunately, there was no pressing need to get out of the house today. I stayed dry inside and worked on Day Jobbe.

This storm was a surprise, but not much of an inconvenience. We don't expect a lot more like this, although there will probably be a few more bits of rain here and there as this very wet winter by local standards spits its last at us.
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