Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More Spring Snow

This morning as I walked to the Wigwam for breakfast, I saw that we'd picked up new snow overnight to the west and north of here.

Spring Snow

There had been a little bit of snow on the higher peaks of the Pah Rah Mountains to the west of Fernley yesterday, but the snow line came halfway down the mountains last night. This passing Union Pacific container train helps frame the shot.

Spring Snow

The hills to the north had been devoid of snow for some days now, but picked up a small amount overnight, most of which melted during a brief clear period in the early afternoon.

We have had rain off and on the last couple of days, and it's turned cold again, with temperatures heading back down toward freezing. No snow has fallen here, although it continues to look threatening.
Tags: fernley, snow, weather

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