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May Snow

There is still quite a bit of snow in the Sierra Nevada here at the start of May.

Donner Summit Dirty Snowball

When I stopped at the Donner Summit rest area on I-80 yesterday driving back from the Bay Area, I took this photo. There is still a dirty wall of snow looming over the rest area.

Although we cannot see the Sierra Nevada mountains from our home here in Fernley on account of closer (but slightly lower) mountains between us and them, we still have a little bit of snow in view.

May Snow on the Pah Rahs

The Pah Rah and Virginia ranges (divided by the Truckee River) separate the Fernley area from Reno-Sparks. The highest of these peaks is about 8000 feet (about 2450 m) high. Fernley is roughly half that altitude. There's not a lot of snow left up there, and what there is on areas that aren't getting full sun yet, but it's still more snow that we've typically seen on May Day since we moved here.

I reckon everyone is getting 100% of their water allocations this year, and then some. Also, I saw that Alpine Meadows ski area is offering as an inducement to buy season passes next year that it would include the rest of this season, including the 4th of July.
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