Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Broken Glasses

I've been getting due for a new pair of glasses soon, but because I don't spend as much time in the Bay Area as I used to do, it's harder to book an appointment with my optometrist down there. I already have two medical appointments booked (same day, afternoon, to minimize impact on my 6-to-3 job hours) next week. Thus yesterday, when the right temple piece of my glasses broke, it was a minor crisis. I am very grateful that Lisa has managed to bodge together a fix with tape and wire (and I can't fold my glasses anymore because of it) that will keep me going for a while, but now I really need to bite the bullet and decide whether I need to go to a local optometrist instead of the one I've been seeing for many years in the Bay Area. As much as I like Dr. Rita Fong, I suspect that I'm going to have to go local, particularly inasmuch as there is an optometrist that accepts my vision care insurance within walking distance of my house in Fernley.
Tags: medical

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