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End of the Yellow Brick Road

As those of you who follow the Emerald City weblog already know, Emerald City is ceasing publication in a few months, once the stock of previously-committed reviews is exhausted. I am as disappointed as anyone at this announcement, even though I had advance warning of it. I don't think I can really express an unbiased opinion on this, but given that keeping the magazine going was wearing Cheryl out and certainly not making money, and was thus neither a profitable job nor an entertaining hobby, I can understand her decision. I know, however, that I will definitely miss Cheryl's mix of well-though-through book reviews and her incisive convention reviews. Although I didn't always agree with Cheryl -- you should have seen the e-mail exchanges as I editorialized in my proofreading reviews of issues -- I think we need people with the willingness to call things the way they are and not be afraid to give a negative review "because someone's feelings might be hurt." Unfortunately, it seems to me that people are nowadays less willing to do this unless they hide behind an anonymous handle or something like that.

For some years, Cheryl's Worldcon Review has, in my opinion, been the definitive post-Worldcon report, eagerly sought-after the way those of Mike Glyer's were from the decade before. In addition, the EmCit Hugo Recommendations Page was the place I turned first when thinking about how to fill out my Hugo Nominating Ballot, and that was a valuable service to many people.

Thank you, Cheryl, for over ten years of hard work and devotion. You made a difference in fandom, and that chrome rocketship on the entertainment center was well earned. I sometimes think that you don't think you deserve it, but I hope you take home another one in a few weeks.
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