Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Moving Out

...but only a few meters.

We have a planned project to work on the carport for which the concrete laying last fall was the first stage. In order to do this, we need to have the travel trailer off the slab for a few days.

Hook Er Up

Lisa recently got the Big Orange Van running again, which allowed her to use it for this move.

Temporary Move

This afternoon, Lisa hooked up the Big Orange Van to the trailer, flushed the waste tanks and disconnected the drain, filled the freshwater tank, disconnected the power connections, and carefully pulled forward roughly ten meters. The BOV is what towed the trailer down from Oregon and the last time it was connected was when she backed the trailer into the carport in 2011.

In the heat we're having here, Lisa didn't want to keep the electricity disconnected very long. We ran two long extension cords from the power pedestal to the trailer. I gingerly opened the pedestal cover and was not too surprised to find a black widow spider there — it's just the sort of place that spiders like that seem to like. I got my heavy gloves and a broom and turned her into an ex-spider. We then connected the extension cords so that both the 30A and 20A circuits are connected to the trailer. The air conditioning started up with no problem. The refrigerator is off and defrosting at the moment, and will be out of use until she moves the trailer back inside, because the trailer is now a little off level. You must not run the refrigerator with it not level; you'll ruin it.

We currently anticipate being on this very short road trip for about a week while we clean the carport and undertake the other half of the project that started last October but was put on hold due to weather. With summer about here and a three day weekend ahead (which is one reason we'll not be at BayCon), it's high time to get back to work on improvements to Fernley House.
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