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Family Business

Today, Lisa and I drove over 400 miles from Fernley to Marysville to Sacramento and then home.

Snow at the Summit Summit Summer Snow

At Donner Summit, the snow was finally in retreat. The photo on the left was a week ago when we headed for San Jose. The photo on the right was this morning. There's still snow at the Boreal ski area, but it's rapidly diminishing.

Really Thin Ice Donner Summit Rest Area

Again, here are week-apart photos from similar vantage points: a week ago there was still ice on the pond at the westbound rest area. Today the ice was gone, although there is still some visible in the woods beyond and on the shore.

Catfish Time

Don't tell Kuma Bear, but there are scads of catfish swarming in the pond as seen from this shot from the overlook that juts out over the small lake.

We went to Marysville to check out some specialty shops there. As it happens, we did not have family business there for a change, so we headed straight south to Sacramento, where we returned an item to Fry's Electronics there that we'd purchased in Fremont last weekend and then bought what we should have gotten in the first place.

After a stop for lunch, we continued looking for a shirt for which Lisa has been hunting, but along the way were waylaid by a British Foods Store in North Highlands, which had some lamb hot pot mix that we can no longer get from the source in Reno where we used to buy it.

With the shopping done, we went to visit my sister and the long-term nursing facility. I had some papers for her to sign as I continue to deal with business for her, and also this might be the last time I'm in the area until we get back from Europe in August. Kelli always appreciates these visits.

We initially had some idea of checking out a few more stores, but both Lisa and I had been up since early this morning (Lisa even earlier than me for a change), and so we headed home to Fernley. Our only stops after that were Colfax to buy me a coffee, and then somewhere around Clipper Gap where Lisa said she was too tired to drive anymore and we swapped (which was why I got the coffee as I knew that was coming). Lisa was able to recline the passenger seat and sleep for most of the final hour we were on the road (substantially from the Nevada state line to Fernley).

At this time we hope not to have to leave Fernley again until we take off for Westercon on Wednesday afternoon. There's still a lot of work for us to do before now and then, though.
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