Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Utah Wins 2019 Westercon

To hardly anyone's surprise, the uncontested bid to host the 2019 Westercon in Layton (Salt Lake City), Utah won handily in the site selection that closed this afternoon in Tempe at Westercon 70. Turnout was very light, with 43 votes cast, 4 of which were for No Preference. Of the 39 ballots with a preference, they broke down as follows:

Utah 32
Tonopah NV 3
Reno NV 2
Hopland CA 1
"Both" 1

With 20 votes being needed to elect, Utah's bid won on the first ballot.

Site Selection Administrator Ben Yalow was called home on an emergency and had to leave Tempe this afternoon, but asked me to step in as Emergency Holographic Administrator. I was assisted by Judy Bemis, Linda Deneroff, and Seth Breidbart.

Westercon does not require official receipt of the results by the Business Meeting (unless there is a situation requiring action by the Business Meeting), and thus the results were considered official when certified by the Administrator. The newly seated Westercon 72 committee will be make a presentation at the Business Meeting on Monday at 12:30 PM at Westercon 70, will be selling memberships from their table tomorrow and Tuesday, and will host a victory party on Monday night.

The Utah for 2019 Committee will continue with their NASFiC bid to jointly host the 2019 NASFiC along with Westercon 72, assuming that the unopposed Dublin in 2019 Worldcon bid wins its bid to host Worldcon 77.
Tags: nasfic, westercon, worldcon

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