Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Westercon 70 Day 3: Westercon Business Meeting

This morning I was up early to help Worldcon 76 co-host the Westercon 70 Con Suite.

San Jose at Westercon 70

San Jose provided funding and additional food for the Con Suite this morning. Westercon 70 volunteers did the food prep, while those of us from the San Jose Worldcon talked about Worldcon to folks visiting the Con Suite this morning.

At Noon I headed off to chair the Westercon Business Meeting, where Lisa had already set up the camera. I'm not including the video here because I haven't had time to process and upload it. I hope to have an opportunity to do so in the next few days while traveling home. However, the only substantive business we had was receiving the initial report of the newly elected Westercon 72. There was no new Westercon Business. We barely made the (newly reduced) quorum of ten members. The meeting, including the Westercon 72 report, took six minutes.

After the meeting, Linda Deneroff helped Lisa and me tote the recording gear to the hotel room and then we went out to lunch at the Japanese restaurant conveniently located near the hotel, thus requiring very little walking in the blast-furnace heat.
Tags: busienss meeting, westercon, worldcon
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