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Trying to Recover

I fell into bed last night at about 5 PM and slept until around 9 or 10 PM, then woke up for four hours or so and fell asleep again until 9:30 AM or thereabouts. I initially had great plans for getting out, buying groceries, and otherwise putting things back together after a week "on the road" albeit only 25 miles away. However, besides the very interesting discussions about the Best Artist proposal going on various places, I was much more tired than I thought, and it was difficult to work up energy for anything.

An hour after breakfast, my blood sugar was 207! All right, drop everything and go out for a walk. An hour later, as I was on the last portion of the walk, I tested again, and was at a worrisomely low 58. Doggone yo-yo! I staggered home, ate something to bring the blood sugar back up and fend of the shakes, and decided that no further serious activity was indicated today. In fact, I went and took a nap around 5 PM. This project at work has badly disrupted my sleep patterns.

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