Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Worldcon 75 Day 5: A Last and Pleasant Party

After returning from dinner, we found our way to the Rauhanasema for the Worldcon Chairs ("Old Pharts") Party. This building, located a few hundred meters south of the convention centre, was the site of several of the parties during the convention, but I'd never actually gotten down here before. I'm very glad that this was the site of the party.


As we exited the south end of Pasila Station for the first time (all our other trips to the station had been through the north entrance closer to the convention centre), I spotted the building and said, "That looks like an old train station!" In fact, it was once Pasila station, but was moved to this location and restored, and is now used as an event venue.


It's a nicely restored building, although I reckon it could use a fresh coat of paint.

Old Pharts Party

Inside, the Worldcon Chairs and invited guests were holding our kind of party: relatively quiet, with people eating and drinking and having lots of interesting conversations.

Get Out of Worldcon Free

Around 22:30, Dave McCarty inducted Jukka Halme into the society of Former Worldcon Chairs, with great applause from the rest of us who know how difficult the job is and how hard it is to run a massive one-shot convention with insufficient information to make decisions, and how easy it is for people to keep second-guessing you without themselves being willing to actually try doing the work themselves to discover just how difficult it is. I've said more than once that it's something of a miracle that Worldcons ever happen at all, given the challenges of organizing them. To that extent, they are like a dancing bear: be happy enough that the bear dances at all without criticizing his footwork.

Before Lisa and I left for the night, we got a look at the gifts that this year's Hugo losers got, courtesy of Worldcon 76.

Chocolate Hugo

Here it is: a custom chocolate bar imprinted with the Hugo Award logo. Quite nice. The only bad thing is that of course it is perishable and you should eat the chocolate, so you can't really preserve the gift. But OTOH, if you're tight for space in your return luggage, I reckon you could eat it before you head home and save space.

Just before midnight, Lisa and I said our goodbyes. Lisa said she had drank most of the milk in the mini-fridge, but the Lidl closes at 21:00. We considered taking the #9 tram down to the S-Market, but worried about getting there before it closed. Then we remembered that the one by Central Station is open 24 hours, and figured we should be able to use our convention transit passes one last time back and forth downtown. Then when we got into Pasila station, we saw that the little kiosk there was still open and that they had milk, so we just picked up a liter and saved ourselves a trip downtown and worry over whether our train passes would be good on the trains running after midnight.
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