Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Beating the Heat

An early draft of my schedule for this year (before I moved to nearly all work-from-home) had me working in the Bay Area this week or next week. (As it happens, I do plan to do a week there later in September because I have a dentist appointment in Redwood Shores and am loathe to give up on my dentist of many years.) I am very happy that I did not have to be down there. Hard as it is to believe, it's actually hotter in the Bay Area today and for the next few days than it is here in Fernley.

While the heat is slightly less, we do have much smoke and haze from the many wildfires continuing to burn throughout California and Nevada. I was quite concerned to hear about a big fire near Oroville, and relieved to see that it's not threatening my father and other members of his side of the family who live in hills east of Oroville.

As long as the highs stay below about 35°C, the swamp cooler here seems to cope with the heat. Above that, it starts to get more difficult, and my brain slows down in the heat. Not that I'm yet 100% recovered from the Worldcon trip, which is why there still isn't a bunch of things done that should have been done by now.
Tags: family, weather, work

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