Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

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Oh, No, Not Again

This morning, when I would have otherwise been able to resume my more or less ordinary working day schedule of getting up around 7 AM and getting to the office by 9, I was instead rudely jolted out of bed at 6 by a bout of, er, "acute intestinal distress." I guess something in what I ate last night did not agree with me. But I was so careful to wash my hands with soap and hot water, and to wipe down all of the kitchen surfaces -- the latter needed to be cleaned carefully anyway due to an ant incursion while I was in San Mateo.

So I let everyone with whom I'm working know that I'm at home again today as it seems imprudent to get more than about 5-10 steps away from a bathroom for now.
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