Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Chair, Man

After work today, we unloaded the new office chair that we brought home from Reno from the Astro. The light was better outside, so we took some pictures there before moving it into the living room/office.

The Chair Man

Here I am in the chair. This is a custom made-to-order 9to5 Seating model 1990-M2 chair. It has a capacity of 500 lbs and a lifetime warranty on the mechanism. Most of the office chairs you find in the box stores are rated for less than my 280 pound weight.

Got Controls?

There are lots of controls. We had to go to their web site to find the control information for the M2 control stand. Even then, there's one control here that isn't listed in the instructions and for which we have yet to find a use. As it is, there are controls for the up-down height, for the recline, for the pitch of the seat, and for the fore-aft spacing of the seat pad.

Armless Chair Man

An interesting option is that you can lift the side arms up and fold the back to make this an arm-less chair as well.

This is not a cheap Chinese special from Wal-Mart. It is made in the USA, cost more than $500 (Lisa bought it with some of her inheritance from her father), and is built for people who spent a lot of time sitting at a desk, which includes me. It should last effectively forever (except the upholstery).

The current plan is for me to use this chair for a few days and make sure it suits me. Assuming it does, Lisa will take my current office chair (which is also quite nice, although not as over-the-top as this new one); otherwise, Lisa gets the new one and I'll keep my current one.

Chair Bear

Kuma Bear saw the new chair and wanted to try it as well. It's a bit big for him.
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