Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

They Took Our Pinball Machine!

As I've mentioned a few times, the local bowling center, which is within walking distance of Fernley House, had a pinball machine, Medieval Madness, that I enjoy playing. When time permits, I've gone down and spent a few dollars on it. Yesterday after work, I walked over there and it was gone, replaced by a video game. The man behind the counter (the one who had been playing "Pinball Wizard" over the PA system every time I walked in) told me, "They took it away! I tried to tell them we had a regular customer who played it a lot, but they said it wasn't making any money."

That leaves me with leftover tokens that would have bought eleven games on that machine, because there are no other pinball machines or any other games there that interest me. I rarely play video games, but I love pinball. If there are other pinball machines in Fernley, I haven't found them. For that matter, the only place I've found them in Reno is a place with a bunch of mostly-broken ones.

The headline on the post is from the game itself. One of the various parts of the game is the "Revolting Peasants" ramp, where you have to shoot the ball up the ramp enough times to "Torch the Castle." The game is programmed with a bunch of shouts from the mob every time you hit the ramp, such as "They took our food!" and "They took our cows!" Every now and then something unusual comes up, such as "They took our cherished historical monuments!" and "They took our shrubbery!" and, relevant to this post, "They took our pinball machine!" I will not, however, form a torch-and-pitchfork mob to burn down the Frontier Fun Center in protest.

I have a message in to the FFC asking who their game jobber is so that I (I hope) can find out where they took that machine, and possibly even what machines they might be interested in selling. We have a space set aside in the family room for a pinball machine if we ever find the right one and can find the resources to buy it.
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