Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Fire Board Meeting

We did get to the North Lyon County Fire Protection District Board meeting this evening, but left at the second recess. Lisa has had almost no sleep in the past 24 hours and was wilting.

I have offered my services as a parliamentarian to the Board to streamline their processes. In particular, small boards like that shouldn't be requiring seconds to motions; it not necessary under Robert's Rules of Order, although so many people only know "sandlot rules" that they don't realize it. Also, most of the Board business can actually be done by unanimous consent anyway. It's only things that are contentious that have to go through the fully formal process.

As it happens, tonight had something heavily contentious. Even I, someone who is all in favor of the open meeting laws, was getting uncomfortable as the discussion was dancing on the edge of a precipice regarding personnel issues. After a lot of talking around it, the clerk of the Board handed a note to the Chair, who then proposed that the Board hold a special meeting next week where the only item would be a closed session on the subject at hand. With great relief, the Board agreed to do that. I'm glad. Some things don't actually belong in open meetings.
Tags: fernley, fire

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