Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

That Wood Do It

Yesterday morning, Lisa created boxes of kindling wood for the fireplace.

That Wood Do It

She took advantage of an ongoing offering from our near-neighbors down the street, Northern Nevada Cabinets.

Kindling Source

They have a pile of scrap wood outside their shop, free to anyone who wants it. Lisa hitched up the utility trailer yesterday morning and went and got some of this wood, then reduced it to kindling-sized pieces. She's thinking of us getting a larger container in which to store all of this kindling, because it burns very well and starts easily.

Later that day, after work, we took the trailer down to Big R and bought our first pallet of North Idaho Energy Logs, just as we were down to our last few from last spring. As I've said before, these logs are cost-efficient. They burn cleaner than cord-wood for the same cost and are take up less space. However, you have to keep them dry. Cord-wood will dry out if you get it wet. These things are merely pressed sawdust and will dissolve if you get them wet. Thus we have to store them in the garage or under plastic. Fortunately, they come safely wrapped, so they won't dissolve while sitting in the trailer waiting for us to have time to unload them all into the garage or the wood-box.
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