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Kevin Standlee

SMOFs in Scottsdale

This afternoon, I flew from Reno to Phoenix to attend a Worldcon 76 division heads planning meeting in Scottsdale. The location was a compromise to make it somewhat easier for our DHs from farther east to attend the meeting. Had we met in Las Vegas, Lisa and I would probably have driven, but Lisa opted not to come to Phoenix so I flew. This actually was the first time I've flown from RNO since I moved to Fernley. (Which is ironic given that one of the criteria for looking for a place to live in Northern Nevada was that it needed to be convenient to an airport.) Because it's a short flight, I drove to Reno rather than having Lisa shuttle me back and forth. Long term parking is only $10/day, and you can walk from the parking lot to the terminal easily, assuming you can find a parking space at all, which was a little challenging.

Check-in for my Southwest Airlines flight (direct; the return requires a change at Las Vegas) was simple enough, but the University of Reno-Nevada mens baseball team was at Terrorization ahead of me, which gummed up the works. It took about 45 minutes to get through. Glad I got there early.

The flight itself was mostly full but otherwise uneventful, which is good. As I was getting ready to get off the flight at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, I got out my tote bag, which is a World Fantasy Convention 2009 San Jose bag, and the woman sitting next to me looked at it and said, "How was Worldcon?"

"You know about Worldcon?" I said (ignoring for the moment that this was actually a WFC tote).

Turned out she and the man with her (boyfriend/husband, I never found out) did, although they've never attended one. They go to Anime Expo regularly. I told them about Worldcon being in San Jose next year. Turns out they live in Reno, but did not live there in 2011 when the Worldcon was there. I referred them to the web site and I hope we'll see them at Worldcon next year.

Mike Willmoth has been collecting people from the airport today, and I was one of the last pickups. After dropping my bags in the hotel room (I'm sharing a room with David Clark), a group of us gathered in the hotel lobby and walked to one of the many restaurants located near the Hilton Garden Inn.

Worldcon Planning Dinner

I'm glad I checked the weather and thus knew that I could leave my jacket and sweater in the car at Reno Airport. It's quite warm here, even at night.

Tomorrow is our one big day of Worldcon planning meetings, because many of us (including me) have to leave relatively early for our flights home.
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