Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Productive Meeting Day

While it would clearly have been better if we could have done two full days of meetings here in Scottsdale, our various schedules only permitted one, and that was Saturday.

Worldcon Planning Meeting

It would have been easy to give in to the temptation to schedule us to meet nonstop from before breakfast until after dinner, but fortunately, we didn't do that. We kept the sessions relatively short and thus mostly focused, with scheduled break-out sessions where only the people who needed to be there were there. After lunch, for instance, there was a session where Linda Deneroff and I, in our WSFS division management roles, had to be in a roughly 30 minute meeting to discuss some matters that affect other divisions and where the decision needs to come from the Chair after getting input from the affected divisions and the budget director. We kept on subject and got enough information for the Chair to make the decision in the near future. (I'll say more after we have everything in place.)

After that session, it turns out that WSFS hadn't been scheduled for any more specific meetings and we had about 90 minutes before the next general session, so Linda Deneroff suggested (as I later re-termed it) that the WSFS division hold our own divisional meeting — in the swimming pool. By coincidence, Linda and I had rooms next door to each other, which made it relatively easy for us to head upstairs, change into our swimsuits, and go down to the pool. I rarely get to use the pool at a convention hotel, on account of being too busy. I never got to use the sauna at Helsinki, for example, which was a disappointment. I was glad to get some relaxation done.

After the final general session, most of us went out to dinner at Los Olivos in Old Town Scottsdale, which was pretty good. After successfully managing bistro-mathematics in a group of about 18 people, we made our way back to the hotel and repaired to the "con suite" (the Chair's suite), where we had an engaging and entertaining evening of socializing. "Evil Kevin" (Kevin Roche, the Chair of Worldcon 76, has assembled a good committee, if I do say so myself as one of the senior managers. I think we're going to have a good Worldcon, and the more I work with the other members of the committee, the better I think it will be.

Because of airline schedules and availability, I have to be out of here at 10:30 Sunday morning and thus won't be involved in any of the follow-on sessions on Sunday. But I'm definitely glad I made it down here. Even with computer-aided conferencing and e-mail, there are some things that really need the in-person bandwidth.
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