Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Building the Carport, Part 1

Now that the carport structure is done, I can start writing about how we got from the RV parking space built into the property to what we have today. It actually started before last year's Worldcon, when we measured the space and ordered a building kit from Absolute Steel.

Carport Kit

Shortly after our return from Kansas City, the kit arrived. This is too big and heavy to ship by UPS, and instead was transported by LTL (less-than-truckload). We knew that, and it would have caused a problem, because in general LTL doesn't ship to residential addresses, and there's usually no way to unload them. So we made arrangements with Northern Nevada Cabinets down the street from us. They have a forklift. We paid them to (a) take delivery of the carport kit and (b) drive it down the street to our house and drop it in the rear driveway.

The white sheets in the foreground are the panels that form the roof and sides. The bars in the background assemble into the building frame. The box contains assembly parts and miscellaneous pieces. The carport kit (which would remain in our rear driveway for some months) was perfectly stable here and unlikely to be stolen because in this form it's too heavy to lift unless you have a forklift.

The next step: enlarge the RV parking area sufficiently to make room for the building.
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