Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Six Years and Counting

Although we signed on the agreement to buy Fernley House in August 2011 on the day after the 2011 Worldcon, a covenant on the property at the time prohibited the owner from selling it to us right away, and we had to rent it through the end of October. Therefore, today, November 1, is the sixth anniversary of us buying this house.

Six Years and Counting

Here's a photo from an angle I don't shoot that often, that being from the west side of the house.

Six Years and Counting

This is the usual angle. From here you can see the new carport structure, which is our most recent visible improvement. We continue to work on additional projects. I don't expect that we'll ever actually be done with things we want to do, but that's in keeping with the Winchester-Mystery-House-like construction of the building.

We were lucky to find this house, and we continue to be grateful to the friend who loaned us the money when the finance company pulled out (despite my good credit) and made it possible for us to make a home here.
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