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2018 Constitution/Standing Rules/Business Passed On Published

Hard on the heels of the minutes of the 2017 WSFS Business Meeting, we have now published the 2018 WSFS Constitution, Standing Rules for the 2018 WSFS Business Meeting (including all of the changes ratified in Helsinki), and Business Passed on to the 2018 WSFS Business Meeting at the WSFS Rules web page.

A Boy and His Gavel

That's nearly all of the WSFS documents finished.

The Resolutions & Rulings of Continuing Effect are being reviewed by the WSFS Nitpicking & Flyspecking Committee (yes, that's really it's name) and we expect them to be published in a week or so.

As with the minutes, my great thanks to Linda Deneroff for the massive amount of work she did pulling all of this material together.
Tags: business meeting, worldcon, wsfs
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