Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Used Up the Good Luck

If Monday's rainbow was a sign of good luck, I think I must have used it all leaving work and heading for my nightly lay-up parking location. At a complicated intersection, I had the green light, and began to pull through. As I was halfway across, I spotted a car roaring through the intersection about to cross my path going right through the red light as if it hadn't been there. I slammed on the brakes (glad nobody was following closely) and laid on the horn. The car shot by with less than a car width to spare. I saw that the driver had applied the brakes on the far side of the intersection, but I was too busy clearing out to learn more. No harm done, but it was a scary moment.

I described it as "nearly ended all of my worries permanently," although thinking about it, I probably wouldn't have been killed. The near-T-bone car was coming from the right, and I was of course buckled in, and the Rolling Stone is large. I expect the RV would have been a write-off, and I probably would have been injured, but probably not killed. So in fact, instead of ending my worries, it would have multiplied them. I think I'm happier the way things turned out, though.
Tags: rolling stone, rv, traffic

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