Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Lucky Tuesday

We had not planned on going to Reno again until possibly next Sunday, but Cost Plus World Market dropped a good Tuesday-Wednesday only 25%-off-everything coupon, including most food, which is unusual. (Most of their discount coupons limit the food discount to 10%.) So on Tuesday evening after I got off work we went into Reno and bought a bunch of stuff from them, including filling the gift basket for my sister full of goodies. Now the basket is also from Cost Plus, purchased from them during a past two-for-one sale, so I made a point of showing it to the staff up front as I was coming in (I wanted to make sure everything I got Kelli would fit) so I wouldn't get charged for the basket again. In any event, we got a lot of stuff for ourselves, and also some gifts. I hope that there will be clear-weather weekend between my return from SMOFCon and Christmas to take the basket to my sister.

We then went to the Peppermill and had dinner at the buffet. The manager told Lisa that it had been fairly slow, although they expect it to get much busier over the holiday weekend itself.

As usual we marked a keno ticket and gave it to [personal profile] travelswithkuma. (It's okay; he's over 21.) This time we got nicely lucky, hitting a 4-spot ticket and netting $56, which paid for dinner, tips, and with something left over.

Lisa had toyed with making another trip to Winco, but it was getting late and we were both tired, so we just headed home. Even that wasn't easy. I was cut off twice and came much closer to an accident than I wanted. People were driving crazy out there. I'm glad we're weren't planning on going anywhere this holiday weekend. (I have to work on Friday, anyway.)
Tags: food, keno, kuma bear, reno

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