Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Shopping Locally (But Too Much of It)

Yesterday afternoon after work, we went to the local grocery store to do last-minute grocery shopping. Traffic, even on local streets, was pretty heavy by our standards. Then when we got home, Lisa remembered something we forgot on the first trip. So while she made dinner, I went back over to the store to get the forgotten item. There was a traffic accident on the street in front of the grocery store, but I spotted it in time and was able to skirt it by turning off early and making my way through parking lots to get to the store.

After dinner, we realized that we were missing yet another thing, so after a short post-dinner walk we made a third trip over to the store. Even with nearly every check-out line in service, there was still quite a queue (again, by local standards). I ended up with the same checker as on the second trip. ("Back again?" he said.) Possibly I would have been better to put this off until Thursday morning, since they are open today until 3 PM. It was not the most pleasant day of my life.

On the bright side, we have no large-scale travel plans for this holiday weekend. I have to work tomorrow, and while we'd love to be at Loscon (especially with Kevin Roche and Andy Trembley as Fan Guests of Honor, and to help out with Worldcon 76 promotions going on there), we're just not up to it, and are staying home.

Addendum: Make that four trips. Turns out that the stuffing mix was well past its sell-by date and we had to run back over to Scolari's for a final trip. Fortunately they were still open.
Tags: fernley, shopping, traffic

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