Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Showers & Showers

We had sort of thought of going into Reno/Sparks today, but circumstances interfered when the shower mount broke this morning when I was taking a shower. After Lisa got up, we went to Big R. We couldn't find a replacement part and bought a replacement handheld shower nozzle instead. Then, while mounting that part, it broke, too! We went to Lowe's, and every single shower head and replacement part was Made in China. And while they had the replacement part, based on what's happened, we expect the cheap Chinese part to break as well. Lisa has improvised a temporary fix that will at least let me take a shower tomorrow morning, but we need to run into Reno/Sparks as soon as we can after I get off work and go to one of the plumbing supply companies and see if we can find a replacement part that isn't cheap plastic.

As I walked back from breakfast at the Wigwam (no free breakfast wins this weekend), I did not need a jacket due to the warm winds coming through town. When that happens in the winter, it usually means a storm is about to hit, which was true today. Mostly wind, but there were some cold showers throughout the afternoon. The carport shelter mostly works, although the winds were high enough to make the roof shake. When we were at Lowe's, she bought something she intends to use to reduce the rattle. That enhancement will have to wait until a non-windy day because she'll have to go up to the roof on a tall ladder to fit brackets to allow her to secure the top edge of the side panel so that it doesn't buzz in the wind.

In the early evening, I came out to the front porch to get some wood for the fire and saw a large flock of quail just over the fence in the adjacent field. I tried to take a picture, but the light was so low that it didn't come into focus, which is a pity. The quail are funny.

Lisa and I had a discount coupon for Denny's that we thought we'd try to use, but when we went and sat down, Lisa couldn't find anything she wanted to eat. Denny's has dropped fish and chips. So we went to the Black Bear Diner instead. After dinner, Lisa pressed her luck yet again on the slots, and gave me the $12.55 winnings to pay for part of dinner.

I have a short week ahead because I'm going to SMOFCon next weekend. I need to time-shift myself even earlier than I already go in order to be ready for an absurdly early wake-up call on Thursday morning.
Tags: fernley, house, lisa, restaurants, weather

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