Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Where The Cops Were Going

Lisa and I went into Reno yesterday to look for plumbing bits to repair the shower. Instead, we are now contemplating a significant refit of the shower with a very nice-looking shower head assembly from Ferguson Plumbing, where they treated us very nicely and didn't condescend to Lisa the way some people do. The likely shower equipment is mostly metal (rather than plastic) and is made in the USA, they tell us, although it's not there in packaging, so we might not know for sure until and unless we order it. We've put off ordering until I come back from SMOFCon.

After dinner at the Peppermill, we had one grocery shopping trip to make, and we were heading north on I-580/US-395 toward when five Reno police cars zoomed past with full lights and sirens, then turned west on I-80 toward downtown. We continued on to our grocery shopping, and then Lisa drove us home. When I was getting ready for bed, I learned that the excitement was an active shooter situation in downtown Reno, with a guy up in a building possibly trying to emulate the Las Vegas shooter. In the end, the police shot and killed him, and it appears nobody else was seriously injured.

We were not downtown. Those of you who attended the 2011 Worldcon may be aware that the two casino-hotels near the convention center are far south of the current downtown. We don't go downtown that much anymore, having given most of our "allegiance" to the Peppermill.

I wish SMOFCon was at the Peppermill this weekend rather than at the Back Bay Hilton in Boston, because then I wouldn't be facing the prospect of having to be up at 2 AM to be able to get to the airport for my 6 AM flight to SFO and then on to Boston. At least it appears that the weather in Boston will be about the same temperatures as here in Fernley, with not much chance of precipitation. And I don't have to change planes at Denver or Chicago, only at SFO.
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