Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
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No Escape

Saturday at SMOFCon was quite busy for me as usual (except for about an hour in the afternoon where I got a chance to go lie down for a little while). The WSFS Mark Protection Committee (technically, the Board of Directors of Worldcon Intellectual Property, because we were dealing with some European WSFS service mark issues) held a rare non-Worldcon in-person meeting this afternoon to deal with some pressing business and because SMOFcon is about the only place we can get a quorum other than Worldcon itself. The only time we could get enough members together was 5:30. Because several of us had 6:15 dinner reservations, it concentrated our minds greatly and we managed get the necessary discussion and decisions done in under 20 minutes.

Linda Deneroff had thoughtfully made a reservation for dinner for six at Legal Sea Foods in Copley Place, and I was very happy with the fried plaice with jasmine rice and sauteed mushrooms. They even got us out of there in time for us to get back over to the Back Bay Hilton in time for the Fannish Inquisition. There, the 2018 and 2019 Worldcons made a joint announcement.

A change to the WSFS Constitution ratified in Helsinki opened up the possibility of holding Retrospective Hugo Awards for years where no Worldcon was held. Worldcon 76 (2018 San José) and Dublin 2019 jointly announced that they would be holding, respectively, the 1943 (for works published in 1942) and 1944 (for works published in 1943) Retro-Hugo Awards. There was a great video displaying a sample of works published in those two years.

For some reason, SMOFCon 35 decided to not trouble with recording the Fannish Inquisition. I tried to record some of the joint announcement, but besides how wobbly a camera-phone recording is, I have only about 6 minutes of record time on my phone. If any of it turns out, I'll post it later.

I found myself up at the head of the room as one of the directors of CanSMOF, as the Montreal group is bidding to hold the 2020 SMOFCon in the downtown area of Montreal. This site will be decided in 2019, so this is mainly an initial statement of intent to bid.

SFSFC's SMOFCon bid was accepted by acclamation. SMOFCon 36 will be at the Flamingo Conference Resort and Spa in Santa Rosa, California November 30 thru December 2, 2018.

I did not take further notes or take any other recordings. The rest of the Fannish Inquisition happened, with future Worldcons and bids making presentations and fielding bids. I'll have to leave it to others to report about them. Once the Inquisition ended at 10:30, we had a poker tournament to run.
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