Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Return from SMOFCon: Coals to Newcastle

I wish I'd given more thought on Sunday about that rack of poker chips, because while I did get them home (thus generating the title of this message, given the foolishness of carrying poker chips to Nevada), I damaged the case. Had I considered it earlier on Sunday, I could probably have found a relatively inexpensive piece of luggage into which the chip case could go, padded by some clothing, and all would have been well.

I got over to Logan Airport relatively early (and traffic wasn't nearly as bad as I expected for 8 AM on a Monday morning), then bought a luggage strap to wrap around the chip case to try and make sure it would stay shut while checked as a bag on its own. In retrospect, Had I gotten tape myself and just wrapped the box up, that would have been better. The holding strap may have caused the damage, because that case (which weighed more than the rest of my luggage by itself but is not large) was probably put at the bottom of a pile, and the strap put pressure on the sides of the case. More about that later. I paid $35 for the second bag (plus $15 for the luggage strap), which is cheaper than $100 for an over-50-pound bag.

The flight itself was not too awful, although it was completely full. I'm glad I had an aisle and was in the back of the plane, so I could get up without having to climb over people. I'm also glad it was a 757 that hasn't been converted to all-entertainment-through-your-mobile device. Although the pilot had elected to not turn on From the Flight Deck, I did enjoy the selection of movies. I finally got to see Wonder Woman (wow, I see what the fuss was about!), and I also watched the animated Batman & Harley Quinn (which I found amusing) and two documentaries that I also enjoyed.

I had a long connection at SFO that gave me plenty of time to get lunch. And then dinner, because I was still hungry. This was a bad idea, as my blood sugar reading told me an hour later. Bad Kevin.

The flight from SFO to RNO was a short one (only about 30 minutes in the air) on a CRJ-200. I claimed my bags (last off the belt, but with such a small plane, that's still not much of a wait).

Coals to Newcastle

The chip case is bowed out, and there are also cracks in the box. It does not look like any chips actually fell out, which is a relief. But this is the last time I'll try transporting it that way. It will go by road or we'll ship it in the future.

Lisa was very glad to see me when I got home. I told her that many people had asked after her at SMOFCon, and explained that she would only have come by ground, and that I could not have taken another two weeks off to do so.

I did have a very good time at SMOFCon, and I thank the committee again for their work organizing it. Now I must get some sleep and get back on my normal schedule, because tomorrow is a new work week, and there are both weekly and monthly reports that are due at the Day Jobbe.
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