Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Icing the Walk

It has been pretty cold here, with temperatures only just above freezing during the day. This afternoon, after filling the travel trailer's water tank, I ended up getting water on the sidewalk that runs the length of the property while I drained the hose. A little while later, Lisa came into the house and informed me that there was now a bunch of ice on the sidewalk. I didn't expect that. The outside air temperature was maybe about +5°C, but the sidewalk (which isn't getting that much direct sunlight at this time of year) must have been below freezing, so a film of ice formed on it. Fortunately, we still have the ice-melt left over from last winter, so we spread some of it on the walk and it's once again safe to walk the length of our property.
Tags: house, weather

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