Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Making a Virtue of Necessity

Although I haven't stayed in Hyatt hotels very often, I did have just over 8000 Hyatt points, and they will expire if not used by the end of this year. (That could include booking a hotel room in 2018.) My first attempt was to use them at the Hyatt Place San Jose Downtown in late January during a Worldcon 76 division heads meeting planned for then. (The meeting will be in the Marriott, but I could tolerate walking back and forth from the Hyatt in return for my hotel cost being lower.) However, there must be something happening there, because there are no rooms at any price or points in that hotel that weekend.

Weather permitting, Lisa and I plan to go to Sacramento between now and Christmas to visit my sister. We also have some shopping we want to do in Sacramento; therefore, rather than do a down-and-back on the same day (which we can do but is tiring), our plan is to drive down there on Friday night and back on Saturday. I had originally planning on staying at a Holiday Inn Express not too far from the long-term-care facility; this would be the last time I got to use my IHG Spire status, as I'll drop back down to Platinum next year. (Staying at Spire is hard; the only reason I went up that high for 2016-17 was by dumping a bunch of credit card points into the account. However, this did make the Helsinki stay nicer because they upgraded us even though the entire eleven nights was on points.) But there is a Hyatt Place in Roseville, and I have therefore booked us in there for one night later this month. I'll have only about 50 points left in the account after that stay, so it's a very efficient use of the points.
Tags: family, hotels, travel

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