Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hotel Web Sites

I had to change the reservation I made with points at Hyatt, but their web site couldn't do it, and said I should call them. I then called them and talked to their robot for a while before the robot decided that I needed to talk to a human agent. In an annoying case of systems not talking to each other, the automated system did not feed the reservation number and other relevant data that I'd already given the robot to the agent and I had to go through it again. To my relief, the human agent was able to make the requested change in less than a minute.

The IHG web site is much better about handling these sorts of changes, even when you book on points. The transaction I did with the middle nights of the stay in Helsinki opened up at the convention centre late in the process (originally I was going to have to change hotels at least once and maybe twice during the Helsinki stay) was particularly complicated, but their web site managed to handle it relatively easily. I was very grateful for that. While commuting from the Holiday Inn City Centre to the convention wouldn't have been too awful, just being able to step off the elevator from our 9th-floor room and into the room where the Business Meeting was happening was great luxury. And it cost 5K nights less than the downtown hotel to boot.
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