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On Holding One's Tongue

As I unofficially announced earlier today on laconiv, L.A.con IV will have an internet lounge after all. It will be small -- eight PCs and two notebook connections -- and it won't include wi-fi, thanks to the convention center's contractual monopoly on such service. I also know that the cost to provide it is substantially more than what it cost us at ConJose four years ago, where we had a whole room full of computers and a limited wi-fi capability. (Wi-fi networking wasn't nearly so important in 2002 as it is now; things have changed rapidly.) This is how monopolies work.

The frustrating thing to me has been not being able to say anything about this for some days now. I'm an SFSFC director, as you know, and have known that SFSFC offered $1000 to L.A.con IV to help pay some of the cost. I did not know until later that MCFI (Noreascon 4) put up $2000 as well, and together, our grants were enough to make it happen. I've wanted to sing out about this for days now, but have had to hold off until I saw something that was at least semi-public. As it is, I ended up leaking it from the convention's staff e-mail list; however, I hope this doesn't get me yelled at by the management.

As a minor aside, note that SFSFC is taking credit for the grant only in the name of the corporation, not as part of ConJose directly. The money in question did not come from the ConJose surplus, that having all been spent. If you had to trace the source of the funding, it probably comes from the surplus of the 1998 World Fantasy Convention held under our corporate umbrella. SFSFC has money -- not a huge amount of it -- that was not part of a Worldcon, and has always been held separately from the individual convention accounts. During ConJose, this was considered "last resort" funds, to be used if we'd run completely off the runway; however, it would have taken a considerable disaster for that to happen. On the other hand, it was reassuring to know it was there, just in case.

Edit, 20:30: Corrected year of the WFC that SFSFC ran.

Edit, 8/12 7:30: Corrected grant amounts.

Edit, 8/13 16:45: Corrected mistake noted in contents.
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