Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Back Across the Mountains

Both Lisa and I agreed this morning that the bed in that Hyatt Place room was not suited to side sleepers. Both of us had terrible backaches. Mine sort of loosened up in a hot shower, while Lisa's pained her all day. Breakfast was included with the room. It was comparable to that at a Holiday Inn Express. It was breakfast, but it was not enough to last us all day. (And that's a good thing; it's bad to gorge on a single meal like that monster brunch yesterday.)

We had three stops today: first was the hop around to the mall so I could pop in to Lush and pick up a container of Cosmetic Lad. While we were there, I got a coffee at Starbucks. I rather wish I hadn't, because Lisa said the show was bitterly cold and by the time my coffee finally came up, she was shivering and her teeth were chattering. We got to the minivan and I cranked up the heat as we headed to Rocklin for our second stop: Camping World.

The Camping World store in Wilsonville, Oregon, used to be a regular stop for us when Lisa lived in Mehama, and I had paid to be part of their affinity program (now part of the Good Sam Club) for the discounts. However, there is no CW store in Reno, and we don't shop here often enough to justify the dues. While here, though, Lisa got a number of things the travel trailer needs, including a new cover for the refrigerator vent and a new anode for the water heater.

Steam Stuff(ed and Mounted)

We then back-tracked to Roseville (because the next stop didn't open until Noon) to Railroad Hobbies, where we browsed some but only bought a few relatively small things and I snapped a photo of the retired steam locomotive and rotary snow plow on display nearby.

As we left Roseville, Lisa drove while I read from the issue of the Union Pacific Historical Society magazine, The Streamliner, that we bought at Railroad Hobbies. Now we know a lot more than we did about the trona (soda ash) mining operations we witnessed on our last drive across I-80 through Wyoming.

We were ready for lunch at Colfax, but the places to eat there were either too crowded or not what we wanted, so we pressed onward. There's not a whole lot between Colfax and Truckee. We initially planned on stopping at Truckee for a hamburger, and I'd already paid for parking when Lisa came back over and announced that they were so full that we would have had to sit outside. While it was a nice clear day, it was also quite cold. Once again, all of the other places in downtown were either packed out or not what we wanted. So we just went home to Fernley and I got us burgers from the Fernley Burger House a block away from our house.

I sort of wish we didn't have to go out again until after Christmas, but we were so tired (and hungry) as we came through Reno that we skipped a multiply-delayed shopping trip to Winco that we need, so we certainly will have to make at least one more trip there in the next few days.

I'm glad we made the trip, and that we spent the night, and that I didn't have to pay for that hotel room. I expect that if we do another overnight trip to Sacramento, though, that it will be with us staying at an IHG property again, probably the Holiday Inn Express that's relatively close to the post-acute-care home where my sister is staying.

Now I need to get back on a normal work-week schedule for one more week before a pair of short weeks ahead.
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