Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Snow Kind of Guy

This morning as I started work (around 5:30 AM PT), we got our first snowfall of any amount to notice this year. It wasn't a lot — maybe 3-4 cm — and it was nice and fluffy and easy to sweep from the porch and sidewalk.

This was our first snow test of the carport. While most of the concrete stayed dry and snow-free, snow blew in from the sides and ends, covering the steps and the roof. That's not what we intended, so we'll have to order additional pieces to cover up the ends of the carport to reduce that side-blow. And if we get a clear and not too awfully-cold day where I can help Lisa do the work, we also need to install brackets of her devising to cut down on the roof side panels' tendency to vibrate and rattle in the wind.

As snowstorms go, this one was not much. And it's all that we seem to be getting this month. That's unfortunate. I'd rather have more water in the aquifer.
Tags: fernley, house, snow, weather

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