Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


The snow lasted only a few hours on Tuesday, but when the clouds rolled out, everything got much colder, particularly at night. It just barely got above freezing today. Any places that don't get direct sunshine are staying pretty icy.

The wood supply is growing a bit low. I brought over some of the remaining cordwood from last year. Maybe this weekend we'll hitch up the utility trailer and buy another pallet of fire logs. When it gets this cold, we go through them a lot faster. I'm not complaining that much, though. Heating is easier than cooling.

With this being the solstice, I took note of where the sun rose relative to me standing in the front door this morning. It's a bit farther north than I thought, but not much. The limits are roughly the AT&T office (south) to the asphalt plant (north). Now we start the long climb out to next summer.
Tags: house, weather

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