Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Getting Hosed

Lisa examined the leaking washer, and it appears that there's a leak in the drain hose. After a fair bit of online searching, we found that a place in Reno/Sparks claimed to have it in stock. I called them and they said they had it, and that they'd be open until 5:30 (it was just past 4 PM when I called). So we hied ourselves into Reno. They couldn't find the part. The computer said they had two of them, but they weren't in any of the places the computer said they should be. So they did find a similar part (and it looks the same to me), so we'll give that a try tomorrow.

We then thought we'd have dinner at the Oyster Bar at the Sparks Nugget, but as soon as we sat down, Lisa said, "No." They've remodeled, and the new lighting is too bright and is right in her eyes. We tried the Peppermill buffet, but the queue was huge. We thought we'd try Biscotti's, which is the restaurant on the second floor. (If you attended the 2011 Worldcon Masquerade or Hugo Awards Ceremony, it was the restaurant near the prefunction space for those events.) We were served water, bread, and drinks, and waited for a server to take an order. And waited. The folks on the table behind me were similarly restless, having been waiting for more than 45 minutes for their meal. When their server said it was going to be at least another ten minutes, they walked out. After waiting for at least 15 minutes with no sigh of anyone to take our order, we also walked out. I did stop up front and offer to pay for the cola and tea, but they did, to their credit, tell us it wasn't necessary. They clearly had a staffing-to-customer mismatch. And I don't think we'll be going back into Reno for dinner until this holiday week is over.

We did a couple of other grocery errands (I had a one-day-only 15%-off coupon from Cost Plus World Market, and we got what will probably be our last egg nog of the year from Whole Foods). Lisa offered to take us by Popeye's fried chicken on the way home, but by then I just wanted to go home, so home she took us. She'll try to fit that replacement hose into the washer tomorrow.
Tags: house, reno, repairs, restaurants

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