Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

We Are Awash (And That's a Good Thing)

Late this morning (fortunately after my regular daily conference call with my far-flung co-workers), the delivery person from Sargent's Maytag arrived with our new washing machine.

New Washing Machine

Here it is installed in place of the old Roper machine, which he hauled away. If Sawyer's can refurbish it so that it doesn't thrash water out of the tub and then resell it, I say more power to them. If not, well at least the metal will get properly recycled.

After doing a test run (one pair of slacks) to confirm that it worked, I set to working on the backlog of laundry going back to Christmas. I made a dent on it, but there's more to do.
Tags: house

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