Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Digging for Books

This afternoon, Lisa and I went over to the storage locker looking for some books. Cheryl still has lots of her books with me that she was obliged to leave here, and she's asked me if we can find some specific books and send them to her. (Storage is cheaper here anyway.) We gingerly opened the locker, Lisa killed the (expected) black widow spiders, and we spent a while looking through boxes before sunset (and cold) moved in. We found some of what we were looking for. Unfortunately, I did not store these books in any particular filing system. Mainly it was a case of what would fit in the boxes I had. We'll go try again soon.

Lisa was a big help, as she has a better feel for way the boxes are stored. Sort of like slow 3-D Tetris, she said.

Now we need to wash our jackets, because there was a serious amount of dust in that locker.
Tags: cheryl

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