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BASFA Hugo Recommendations 2018

I'm not making any Hugo Award recommendations this year. As one of the members of this year's Hugo Awards Administration Subcommittee, I don't want my own personal preferences being seen as trying to influence anything. But BASFA continues with its practice of meeting to discuss works/people they think are Award-worthy. I don't get to many meetings anymore because I don't have to go to the Bay Area that often, but member Diane Osborne collated this year's recommendations for the 2018 Hugo Award/YA Award/Campbell Award and the 1943 Retrospective Hugo Awards and sent them to me because I'm the club's (more or less) webmaster. Therefore, if you go to BASFA's web site, you should see a link to this year's recommendations. Or you can just download the 2018 BASFA Hugo recommendations PDF directly.

Other than formatting and sorting the lists, I generally took no editorial actions with them; however, I did strike my own name from the Best Fan Writer recommendations, because as one of this year's Hugo Administrators, I'm one of the handful of people who are explicitly ineligible this year. I am, however, flattered by the kind thoughts, even as I tell people not to waste their nominations on an ineligible writer.
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