Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Frozen Pipes

This morning, Lisa discovered that the main drainage line from the travel trailer had frozen overnight. After waiting a couple of hours after sunrise and determining that it was still frozen (the area doesn't get that much direct sun, and the temperature was only just above freezing), she got out the large kerosene heater. This is a high-output (325,000 BTU) heater for outdoor and shop use. (You can't use it indoors; it would gas you to death.) It looks and sounds like a jet engine. Now this is not an open flame (we're not idiots who try and thaw out plastic pipes with propane torch), but something that Lisa calls an "industrial-strength hand dryer." We haven't used it for several years, but after the last time we used it, we completely refilled the kerosene tank. Lisa was very pleased that it lit off the first time when she turned it on. In less than ten minutes, the lines had thawed and all was well.

This afternoon after work, we ran into Reno looking for multiple things for me and her, and finding none of them, which was very disappointing. We then went to the Peppermill Buffet at Kuma Bear's insistence because it was Friday Fish/Seafood Night. We rarely go there on Friday/Saturday because it costs more and is usually too busy, but this evening wasn't too crowded; we even were able to get our regular table. After all I ate, I expected to grow fins. We were so stuffed that we abandoned thoughts of grocery shopping and headed home. Besides, by our current body clocks, 8 PM is really late, and we have things to do tomorrow.
Tags: house, lisa

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