Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Snow Day

The forecast was for a light dusting of snow, but the weather had other plans, dropping about 5 cm here. This morning, with the forecast being for no more snow today, it started snowing again. The revised forecast admitted that lake effect snow (in our case off of Pyramid Lake) is notoriously difficult to predict. But 5 cm isn't difficult to handle. Lisa got the heavy push broom and snow shovel out and we scraped off the sidewalks and applied ice-melt to the iced-over areas.

This afternoon, Lisa helped me move the last of the seasoned cord-wood from the "dog run" concrete pad behind the house. We are starting to run a bit low on wood, and need to go get more, but we should be able to get by until the weather improves enough to get the utility trailer road-worthy again and go buy another pallet of fire logs from Big R.
Tags: house, lisa, snow

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