Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Well, I Guess the Walk Was Good For Us...

This evening at 4:45, Lisa and I kitted up to walk over to the fire station to attend the North Lyon County FPD board meeting. A few snowflakes were in the air as we started. But as we walked down the street, the wind got heavier and the flakes got bigger, and it was snowing heavily by the time we got to the station — where we learned that tonight's meeting had been canceled due to the bad weather. We went inside the station for a couple of minutes to warm up (the public office was just closing, so we couldn't stay long), then headed for home. This was worse; the wind was higher, and now it was in our faces. (Kuma Bear told us something like "Nows yous knows whats its felts likes to Bears!" as he rides on Lisa's back.) It was not a long walk home (it's less than 1 km), but at least 2 or 3 cm of snow had accumulated while we were making the walk.

So Much for Civic Duty

I'd worn both my stocking cap and my Jacaru hat over that, even though it looks silly, and even then I got a lot of snow in my eyes.

So of course about the time we got home the snow started tapering off. Lisa and I cleared the porch and sidewalks again and spent the rest of the evening in the warm living room, feeling smug about having moved all of that firewood under cover yesterday.
Tags: fire, house, kuma bear, lisa, snow

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