Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Snow Maker

This morning, as is my wont, I took a brief walk around the block after breakfast. I could see that weather was heading our way.

Storm A-Coming

Although it was relatively clear over Fernley in the morning, and much of the previous snow accumulation from last week melted yesterday, the large dark bank of clouds to the west was heading toward us.

The storm moved slower than originally forecast, which meant a whole lot of snow in the Sierra. At one point I saw that chains were required from Colfax to Truckee and beyond, which is a pretty long distance. Even if one didn't spin out or get stuck behind someone else's accident, going that far with chains on if obeying the 25 MPH speed limit would be a difficult slog.

I didn't get lunch until 1 PM, and then I needed to go to the post office to mail a paper attachment associated with my income tax. (That's a new wrinkle this year; certain things can't be done electronically and require you to mail a form in after you've filed.) So of course the snow, which had been holding off, decided to start blowing in while I was walking to the post office. And then it faded out as I got home. However, it has been fitfully spitting "wintry mix" since then and is forecast to do so for the next few hours. How much will actually stick I guess I'll know in the morning.
Tags: fernley, snow

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