Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Rules Apply to Everyone

In another venue, there are people complaining about how the 2015 Hugo Award results were "rigged," by which they apparently mean "Mean people took advantage of rules that I didn't personally know about and voted against things I personally wanted to win."

Here's an opinion that apparently makes everyone hate me: Rules apply to everyone.

When the 2015 Hugo Award finalists were announced, I had people coming to me demanding that Secret SMOF Rules to Disqualify Bad Works be invoked. They didn't like hearing that there are no such rules. There are people who I call my friends who insisted that the Hugo Administrators (I wasn't one that year) simply throw stuff off the ballot Because Reasons! I said, "No. The rules are there, they aren't secret, and those people followed them."

So then a whole lot of other people followed those same rules and voted No Award across five categories. Not narrowly, either: No Award won by a first-ballot knockout. None of this arcane Instant-Runoff Voting stuff. So then all of those people who took advantage of the rules to nominate and then demanded that they should be given honors and respect because they followed the rules started yelling "foul" because a lot more members chose to exercise their rights under those same rules.

When you say, "Democracy and rules are wonderful things as long as I always win," then we all lose. If you only want to Democracy defined as, "I always get what I personally want, because I Am The People," then I have no respect for you, and I'll tell you so, even if you're my friend.

And, by the way, those of those people saying, "Oh, the Hugo Awards are totally worthless and always have been and are dead dead dead" are really protesting too much about how sour those grapes were.

In a way, it's much like people complaining that it's Not Fair that Trump won the presidential election. Well, there are a lot of allegations about election fraud here and there, and (IMO legitimate) complaints about how the Electoral Collage acts as a kind of gerrymandering, but as unhappy as I am with the current occupant of the White House, I have never said he wasn't legally elected to the office. So now we see the beginning of reactions from the other side intending on voting out (legally) the party of the current President, and that party's people are complaining that it's awful that legal voters are actually trying to use their legal right to vote. Same song, different lyrics, higher stakes.
Tags: hugo award, politics, worldcon

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