Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Time Change Day

I'm glad that I got home yesterday and could sleep in my own bed rather than having to spend the night in a motel in Grass Valley. One of the reasons for that is that last night was the worst day to spend the night in a motel, because it was Spring Forward Night and you get one less hour for the same cost. But I'm all out of kilter anyway. That drive is tiring, and I probably should not have slept in as late as I did, because I still need to be up at 4:45 AM.

I'd just as soon stay on either Standard Time or Daylight Time all year around; however, I think in practice Nevada would have to do whatever California does.

We did get one thing accomplished today: we drove over to Big R and bought another pallet of 240 fire logs. I hope this is the last pallet we have to buy for this season.
Tags: sleep

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