Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

One of the Worst Workdays of the Year

I do not like the Monday following Time Change Day. Thankfully, my "commute" is only from my bedroom to the living room, but it's still annoying, particularly when my work day starts so early. It's even worse when some of the other parts of the company I have to work with (like IT support in India) apparently did not know that US clocks went forward an hour. That was relatively minor, but the cumulative effect was to make today very stressful for our small team. We managed to make it work, though.

Today's weather was lovely, but it's not going to last (a new winter storm is heading this way, with potential snow), so Lisa (with a little help from me after dinner) unloaded the pallet of fire logs into the garage and wood box. I keep looking nervously at the weekend weather for Truckee and wondering how and when I'm going to be able to make my way over the top and down to the Bay Area.
Tags: lisa, weather, wood, work

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