Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Health Matters

Meanwhile, not only am I not recovered from last week's cold, but it's worse, and I'm worried that in my compromised state I picked up something worse. I was not getting enough sleep last week, and today exacerbated things because of having to be up around 3:30 for the trip to SeaTac. Saturday night I fly back to the Bay Area, and Sunday I drive home. Assuming I don't keel over first.

I spent the day at the Worldcon table, but rather than get into the evening festivities, I went back to the hotel. (I'm at the Holiday Inn Express down the street, not in the Doubletree. Glad it's not raining.) Tomorrow I don't have specific time commitments, so I'm not setting an alarm, even if it means missing out on the included breakfast. I must get some rest!
Tags: health

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