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Selling San Jose

I did manage to get more than eight hours of sleep last night, although I could get no more than that. Mild fever, aching head, stuffy head. It's been a hard couple of weeks.

After breakfast at the hotel, I packed up my computer and donned my San Jose "pit crew" shirt and headed to the Doubletree. When I got set up, I dug through my bag of cables and found one with the compatible micro-USB cable to power the Worldcon 76 "electric light tower" desk sign. Lindadee joined me later and we spent most of the day sitting at the table chatting with people about this year's Worldcon

Worldcon 76 table at Norwescon

We talked to lots of people, ranging from Worldcon stalwarts to people who had been to only one (often it was Spokane in 2015), to those who hadn't been to one but knew about it to people started by saying "What's a Worldcon" and even a few who had never heard of the Hugo Awards. We did our best to make the case for them to come to San Jose this August. And we fielded complaints and concerns, including the known issue that most of the convention's close-in hotel block is full and even the outlying hotels are showing strain. I was able to persuade someone worried about the Holiday Inn North 1st Street, explaining that I've stayed there, and that it's located adjacent to a light rail stop (Gish), which makes it a relatively easy "commute" to Convention Center station. But admittedly this doesn't make your hotel room a convenient walk from the convention site. We're not quite as strung out all over San Jose as Worldcon 75 was across Helsinki, but it's not that compact.

Around 8 PM, I disengaged from the last conversation, packed up my computer, and returned to the hotel, picking up take-out teriyaki on the walk back. I am not in a position to enjoy evening parties, and in my current condition, it's probably not a good idea for me to go to them anyway.

Norwescon was full of people having fun, some wearing amazing costumes. From my perch on the main concourse, I got to watch it, and that's about all of I've seen.

Tomorrow, we unveil the Hugo Award finalists at the live events at Noon PDT/8 PM BST at Norwescon/Eastercon/San Jose 7 Stars Bar & Grill, and shortly thereafter the news embargo lifts and the results will be posted on the Worldcon 76 and web sites and doubtless on numerous other sites such as Locus,, File 770, and so forth. I make no guarantee that the results will post to on the stroke of 13:00 PDT, because I won't be able to work on it until after our live event at Norwescon. Having been burned in the past by what we thought was a timed release-in-future post, I'm extremely leery about putting anything with an embargo on it anywhere on the Hugo site until the release time.

Meanwhile, baseball is back! I renewed my audio app for another year, and can thus have the San Francisco Giants on the radio anywhere I can get internet, including this hotel room. And boy do I wish we had the bandwidth at the Doubletree that I have here at the HIX; we could have done live-streaming of our SeaTac event without a problem. But you do what you can with what you have.
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